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Twice in the last seven years Tim has built two Sales Academies; one at Microsoft and one at the BBC.

Start Point: Ensuring everyone has a clear description of their job and is clear on what skills he or she needs to have in place.

Benchmarking: Taking a sales team and benchmarking against agreed sales competencies. This provides clear indicators for the areas training needs to fix to address the skills gaps.


"What do we need to know to sell more or better?"

    Training and related activity is also driven by the business. Short-term workshop programmes supported by assessments are developed to ensure people get the right knowledge, in time, in as short a period as possible.

By focusing on the tactical and the strategic, the Microsoft Academy grew to manage the professional development of 700 sales people across 25 markets offering 14 programmes a year.


"A good object lesson and a good outcome - we secured meeting with the top man. After all the prep we used just the ideas and adapted to the conditions in the room. All in all a great case study about how to prepare read the meeting and act accordingly. Your involvement was invaluable."

Chris Dobson,
Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales,
BBC Advertising

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